Our Philosophy

‘…practicing architecture provides the opportunity to contribute positively to the built environment…’

At it's core, Benson McCormack Architects aims to enrich and enhance the built environment through creative and environmentally sustainable contributions to the public and private realms.

We believe the ability to practise architecture and engage with communities provides an opportunity and an obligation to participate in the continual improvement of our environment both for now and for future generations. No matter what the scale of commission, Benson McCormack architects takes seriously it's commitment to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

Through our practice of architecture we question current belief systems, continually challenging the way we respond to projects and their briefs. The result delivers our clients dynamic ways to live, work and play.

Our process of design – and the high-quality, sustainable architecture it produces – translates aspiration into tangible form. The result is architecture that answers the specific needs of the brief and contributes to the enhancement of the built and natural environments within which we live.


David Benson   b. arch. hons. raia rn. 7285     davidb@bensonmccormack.com

David Benson
b. arch. hons. raia rn. 7285


David’s ability to deliver contemporary, site responsive, commercially astute and client focused architecture has been developed over a 25 year professional career.
David acquired extensive experience early in his career working in both Europe and Asia on large scale residential and commercial projects.
Graduating with honours from UTS in 2001, David took up a position with Fitzpatrick + Partners in the same year.

He credits his time at Fitzpatrick + Partners, as providing him the opportunity to become a better architect and to gain the knowledge and understanding of what is required to produce well considered, responsive and commercially viable architecture.
This experience and David’s natural aptitude and dedication to the profession of architecture, saw him leave Fitzpatrick + Partners as Design Director in 2007 to co-found Benson McCormack Architects.
David has since the inception of Benson McCormack Architects, been focused on providing clients with contemporary architectural solutions, understanding and responsive to site specific nuances and commercial outcomes.
The success of delivering such projects has seen Benson McCormack Architects steadily grow and broaden its client base and project type exposure.
David is extremely proud of the ongoing success of Benson McCormack Architects, the development of the studio and its staff and is driven by a desire to achieve outstanding architectural results for the studios clients.


Glenn McCormack  b. arch. hons. 1. raia rn. 7536    glennm@bensonmccormack.com

Glenn McCormack
b. arch. hons. 1. raia rn. 7536


For more than 25 years Glenn has been delivering high-quality large-scale commercial and residential projects across Australia and Asia. His broad experience in conceptual and detailed design and documentation – particularly solutions for the finer elements of building delivery – allows him to adapt effortlessly to the wide variety of global environmental contexts and building types.

Glenn has a comprehensive understanding of the roles detailed design and the science of building play in the successful procurement and assembly of buildings of any scale. His skills in concept design were honed in Asia, particularly in Malaysia and Indonesia, on a variety of commercial, retail, hospitality and residential projects. There, Glenn headed numerous design teams charged with exploring the feasibility of many large developments including mixed-use master planning and urban renewal.

In 1997 he co-founded SDA International Architects. As a director he designed, documented and administered the delivery of luxury medium and large-scale residential projects in Sydney. The experience provided him with a deep understanding of the commercial, economic and political contexts underlying all development projects.

A decade later he co-founded Benson McCormack Architects, a practice committed to delivering high-quality commercial and residential developments in Australia and overseas. Their cutting-edge work with private and public developers is complemented by master planning and redesign projects for clubs and corporate headquarters across the nation, as well as one-off boutique house designs.


The Practice

‘…realising the architectural aspirations of our clients is a collaborative journey…’

At Benson McCormack Architects we recognise the practice of architecture is more than just a job. it is about realising the architectural aspirations of our clients. it is achieved through a collaborative journey that produces quality design outcomes and contributes positively to the built and natural environment.`

we see communication as the key to delivering on our commitment to thoughtful, high-quality, lively design – from big-budget buildings to low-cost projects. the process starts with listening, ensuring our architecture is informed, innovative, intelligent, engaging and, above all, responsive to our clients’ expectations.

we believe well-considered architecture results from intelligent engagement with site-specific challenges and opportunities. high-quality design – achieved within budget and on time – is realised through a process of rigorous planning, visualisation, communication, evaluation and assessment.

At Benson McCormack Architects we work in an informal studio environment that actively encourages collaborative exploration and debate. this approach fosters lateral thinking to help resolve complex design issues and has resulted in much repeat business from many clients and an ever-growing portfolio of works.


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