East Leppington Town Centre

1370 Camden Valley Way, Leppington


DA Lodged

6000m² Retail / Commercial / Child Care NLA

This new town centre development is strategically located within Sydney’s Southwest Growth corridor where there is increased demand for locally sourced goods and services. It is situated adjacent to Camden Valley Way, the primary traffic corridor serving the Southwest Growth corridor and other established centres in Western Sydney. The centre also benefits from existing and proposed public transport nodes and networks in the immediate area including the recently opened Leppington and Edmondson Park Railway Stations along with the future Southwest Rail Link extensions linking Badgerys Creek Airport with the rest of metropolitan Sydney.

The town centre has been carefully designed to address the ‘island’ nature of the site and seeks to activate all edges of the East Leppington neighbourhood centre precinct, particularly the interface with the emerging residential zoned land to the east, north and south. The building is designed to complement the natural fall of the site by achieving 3 levels of parking and 2 levels of retail and commercial tenancies without major excavation being required. The centre enjoys outlooks across the valley from the upper commercial level with the retail uses at ground level integrating with the future residential uses adjoining as well as local road and cycleway networks.

With community being at the heart of the development, a generously landscaped public piazza ringed by colonnades welcomes pedestrians arriving at the centre on foot while orientating visitors with outdoor dining and casual recreation activating this much needed community development.