Our philosophy

At Benson McCormack Architects we aim to enrich and enhance the built environment through creative and environmentally sustainable contributions to the public and private realms.

We believe the ability to practise architecture and engage with communities provides an opportunity and an obligation to participate in the continual improvement of our environment both for now and for future generations. No matter what the scale of commission, Benson McCormack architects take our commitments seriously to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

Through our practice of architecture we seek to question current belief systems, continually challenging the way we respond to projects and their briefs. The result delivers considered and dynamic ways to live, work and play for our clients and the wider community.

Our process of design – and the high-quality, sustainable architecture it produces – translates aspiration into tangible form. The result is architecture that answers the specific needs of the brief and contributes to the enhancement of the built and natural environments within which we live.

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Our point of difference

At Benson McCormack we recognise the practise of architecture is more than just design. It’s about partnering with our clients to realise their architectural and commercial aspirations. We achieve this through a collaborative journey that produces quality design outcomes and contributes positively to the built and natural environment.

We see communication as the key to delivering on our commitment to thoughtful, high-quality, lively design – from big-budget developments to lower cost projects. The process starts with listening, ensuring our architecture is informed, innovative, intelligent, engaging and, above all, responsive to our clients’ expectations.

And we don’t stop at design, we offer an integrated approach to design planning from urban design concepts to planning advice/support to achieve our clients’ development objectives. We believe well-considered architecture results from intelligent engagement with site-specific challenges and opportunities. High-quality design – achieved within budget and on time – is realised through a process of rigorous planning, visualisation, communication, evaluation and assessment.

At Benson McCormack we work in an informal studio environment that actively encourages collaborative exploration and debate. We have assembled a diverse, international team which reflects the diversity of our clients. This approach fosters lateral thinking to help resolve complex design issues and has resulted in repeat business from our many clients and an ever-growing portfolio of work across our various specialist sectors.


UDIA NSW Finalist 2020 - Medium Density Development - Kindred, Marrickville NSW

UDIA NSW Winner 2016 - The Bakery, Marrickville

UDIA National Winner 2013 - 9-15 Kings Ave, Roseville

Randwick City Urban Design Awards 2013 - 19 Pine Ave, Little Bay

UDIA NSW Winner 2012 - 9 - 15 Kings Ave, Roseville

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BMA is committed to quality, safety and positive environmental outcomes. We hold ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018 / ISO 14001:2015 certifications. Our Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Policies are available on request by emailing

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