Grand Vermont

29-41 Grand Parade, Sutherland

Hone / Holis


100 Dwellings

Grant Vermont is located in southern Sydney and comprises 100 dwellings of varying scale and configuration. Positioned adjacent to a busy arterial route, the development orientates away from the noise north towards and overlooking the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Low scale row houses line the northern boundary that complements the medium density scale residential properties adjoining. Positioned behind the low scale dwellings are higher density residential apartment living contained within three buildings each of six storeys lining the two frontages of the site.

The building forms are a unique offering within this existing sub-urban context with adjoining buildings of varying age, scale and quality. The predominantly face brickwork façades of this development complement the general materiality of most buildings in the precinct with the proportion of masonry to glass transitioning from the southern façade adjoining the roadway and the northern façade that enjoys generous solar access and view across the district.