Kings Apartments

9-15 Kings Avenue, Roseville

Hone Construction


23 Dwellings

Kings Apartments is a boutique residential development offering a selection of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

The development consists of twenty three units accomodated in a built form that steps to accommodate the site's natural typography. Each unit has been designed with expansive living spaces, orientated to maximise natural light and ventilation and embrace the site's well established landscaped setting. The stepping of the built form, coupled with clearly articulated and modulated facades, assist in reducing the overall building mass, presenting an appropriate scale to Kings Avenue and the site's generally low density context. Resident and visitor parking is accomodated over two levels of basemant parking and where exposed above ground, contained within appropriately clad stone walls that provide a well articulated and clearly defined base to the built form.

A striking design element of the Kings Apartments is the glazed circulation spine. This spine incorporates the lift and provides a light and airy access to each of the units, animating what would traditionally be an artificially light, enclosed environment. The spine is immediately identifiable from Kings Avenue and reinforces the address of the development. The glazed spine also contributes to the erosion of the built form by allowing direct lines of sight from the public domain to the established landscape located at the rear of the site. These lines of sight, in essence, reinforce the site's landscape as the dominant natural feature of the site.

UDIA NSW Medium-Density Development Winner 2012,
UDIA National Medium-Density Housing Winner 2013,
UDIA National President's Award 2013